Gov. DeSantis Deserves Tremendous Praise and Gratitude

by Elad Hakim

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Occasionally, a politician comes along that truly has the “wow” factor! The politician is highly educated, well-spoken, polished, very well-credentialed, honest, and for the people. In the Sunshine State, Gov. Ron DeSantis is a superstar who easily fits the bill.

Since his election, DeSantis has put Floridians and individual freedom first and has fought against government overreach and far-left ideology. Given Florida’s success under the governor’s leadership, DeSantis deserves incredible praise and gratitude. 

DeSantis Has a Very Impressive Background

DeSantis is a genuine leader with a very impressive background. He is a veteran, a former JAG officer at Guantanamo Bay, a graduate of Harvard Law School, and a family man. Unlike many “career-politicians,” he has stayed true to his word that, as governor, he would protect the rights of Floridians against big government. When he was sworn in, DeSantis stated:

“Our rights are endowed by God, not government; that we the people loan power to government under the Constitution in order to protect our rights. That government’s role is not to run our lives for us but to provide what Lincoln called an ‘open field and fair chance for one’s industry, enterprise and intelligence.'”

A Governor for the People

Consistent with his promises, the governor has protected Floridians and their freedoms against relentless efforts by Democrats to erode or eliminate them in Florida (and nationwide). For example, during the Covid outbreak, DeSantis supported Floridians’ right to choose whether to receive the Covid vaccine(s). He fought hard against mandatory mask mandates in schools and supported parents’ rights to decide what was best for their children.

Along these same lines, DeSantis worked tirelessly to strengthen Florida’s election and voting laws to preserve election integrity and eliminate fraud or other nefarious behavior during the elections. Every state in the nation should follow his lead.

He has also fought relentlessly against efforts to indoctrinate children in the state’s public schools with critical race theory and other “woke” ideologies. Tangentially, DeSantis protected biological women and girls from transgender athletes who sought to unfairly compete against them and take opportunities away from female athletes. Recently, the governor also eliminated standardized tests in Florida’s public schools beginning next year.

People are Moving to Florida in Droves

Under his leadership, Florida has emerged as one of the most desired states to live in. While many on the left publicly criticize the governor, they continue to flock to Florida from across the nation. Why would people who allegedly detest the governor so much move to the state? The answer is clear. Freedom! DeSantis puts Floridians first. He supports personal choice, capitalism, businesses of all sizes, parental rights in schools, and democracy.

Unlike states led by Democrats or weak Republicans or RINOs, DeSantis stands firm in his convictions and pushes back against the Democrats’ efforts to force their far-left policies on Floridians and control their lives.

When the governor considered a run for Florida governor in 2018, conservative talk-show host and best-selling author Mark Levin keenly noted:

“This guy is the real deal. He’s principled, he’s honorable, and he’s not your typical politician. He does what he says he’s going to do. And he’s very solid. I wish he was running for governor of my state of Virginia, quite frankly. You folks in Florida, you’re lucky.”

Levin was exactly right. DeSantis is a no-nonsense, genuine leader who will not be bullied into submission by the left. Rather, he continues to put Floridians first and protect the freedoms that the Democrats in government (both locally and nationally) so desperately want to erode.

Floridians are incredibly fortunate because, without his leadership, they could have faced continued lockdowns, interminable mask-mandates, a tanking economy, business shutdowns, complete government control, and the loss of freedom.

Fortunately, that did not take place. On the contrary, Florida continues to flourish under the governor’s leadership.

Floridians should remember that when they go out and vote in November.

Mr. Hakim is an attorney and columnist. His articles have been published in The Washington Examiner, The Daily Caller, The Federalist, American Thinker, and other online publications. He is also a regular guest on OANN’s Tipping Point and has appeared on Newsmax and Real America’s Voice.

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