Hands off America’s cheesecake!: MAGA roasts Bidenomics

by Summer Lane

Photo: Adobe Stock

Bidenomics hasn’t worked out very well for the average American consumer. As inflation has swelled and prices have skyrocketed, the stinging sticker shock of grocery shopping and pumping gas has become a painful part of everyday life.

Prices in the grocery store have risen at least 30 percent under Biden, and as those prices have increased, real wages simply have not kept pace. Simple visits to restaurants or supply runs to box store wholesalers have become financially challenging for most taxpaying citizens.

RSBN previously reported that 62 percent of Americans have largely eliminated fast food from their meal rotation. Why? Rising prices have made fast food anything but cheap, which means deep-fried indulgences have been relegated to rare occasions for most customers.

President Donald Trump’s “MAGA Inc” super PAC recently roasted Joe Biden’s flailing economic conditions in a humorous statement aimed at highlighting the rising prices, citing a viral meme that surfaced online. In the meme, someone satirically captioned President Trump’s recent Nevada rally speech with comments about The Cheesecake Factory and its rising prices.

This is the meme MAGA Inc. was referring to

“$37 Korean fried chicken? When I was President, all chicken was American,” one of the captions cracked.

MAGA Inc. spokesman Alex Pfieffer wrote in a statement, “This viral post might be a parody, but Bidenomics is no joke. Prices at the Cheesecake Factory have ballooned under Joe Biden.”

Between December 2022 and June 10, 2024, the PAC showed data illustrating a 51.1 percent change in one slice of original cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory. Their data showed that in 2020, the cheesecake was $6.95, and the latest price swing has risen to $10.50.

Per RSBN, the latest jobs report numbers in May were bleak. While jobs were added to the American economy (414,000), it must be noted that these jobs were given to foreign-born workers. This is likely a direct result of Joe Biden’s growing illegal immigration crisis.

Moreover, 663,000 American-born workers lost their jobs.  

With numbers like these, it’s no wonder why Bidenomics has, for many, become synonymous with failure.

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