Hispanic voters shift toward Trump as Univision parts ways with long-time anchor 

by Jason Collins

Analysis by Jason Collins | Photo: Alamy

Longtime anchor León Krauze’s exit from the Spanish television network Univision frames a vital shift in the political tides as more Hispanic voters support President Trump.  

León Krauze has been a news anchor at Univision for many years and has reportedly quit over a decision with political coverage at the network. Univision has historically shied away from reporting on President Trump favorably until recently. According to Hot Air, Krauze left the network because the network was reporting on him “too favorably.” 

However, this is more than just one former employee disliking President Trump. This represents a shift in politics as more Latino voters in the U.S. are now supporting President Trump. In an interview reported by Hot Air with the executives from Univision at Mar-a-Lago, Trump spoke fondly of Latino voters. He said, “They’re unbelievable entrepreneurial people, and they like me.”  

RSBN reported President Trump’s explanation for this new support from Latino voters, saying, “Our support for strong border security is one of the major reasons why Hispanic Americans are joining our movement by the millions and millions and millions.”    

According to Hot Air, Democrats have historically labeled President Trump as racist, and now, to see this growing support from Latinos has got them worried. Newsweek President and CEO of the United States Hispanic Business Council, Javier Palomarez, explained what this means for Biden. As reported by Newsweek, Palomarez said, “For the Democratic Party, which has proudly touted its stronghold among minority voters, Univision’s shift toward Trump should be setting off alarms.” 

Palomarez elaborated on this shift in support, “The Biden administration is tone-deaf to the issues Hispanics care most about.” He believes that Latino voters are an “electoral force of the future.” This means that Biden’s inability to adequately deal with the border crisis and connect with Hispanic households is going to cost him voters who are now turning to President Trump. 

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