Judge overseeing Wisconsin election probe accuses Mark Zuckerberg of election interference to defeat Trump

by Ryan Meilstrup

A former Wisconsin Supreme Court justice has claimed that Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg spent millions of dollars on local Wisconsin election offices with the goal of defeating President Donald Trump.

Former Wisconsin Justice Michael Gableman, who serves on the Wisconsin Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections, investigating the 2020 election in Wisconsin, said during an informational hearing, “It’s very clear that Mark Zuckerberg’s goal was to defeat Donald Trump and elect Joe Biden. He poured $8.8 million into Democrat cities in Wisconsin and in the guise of ‘Covid safety.’”

Gableman further explained that Mark Zuckerberg gave $8.8 million to mayors of five Wisconsin cities ostensibly for an election Covid safety plan, but then switched the funds to a get out the vote campaign that looked a lot like David Plouffe’s road map to defeat Donald Trump.

Plouffe wrote a book on how to defeat Trump and is employed by Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, according to Justice Gableman.

It has been reported that Zuckerberg-funded organizations gave $400 million to two organizations that funded local government election offices—and it came with strings attached.

New York Post reported that Zuckerberg gave $419.5 million to two non-profit organizations, the Center for Technology and Civic Life (CTCL) and the Center for Election Innovation and Research (CEIR), that ostensibly donated money to local election offices for their operations.

However, according to former Ohio Attorney General Ken Blackwell, the funds came with specific instructions on how the money was to be spent.

Blackwell wrote the organizations “dictated exactly how elections were to be conducted, down to the number of ballot drop boxes and polling places. The Constitution gives state lawmakers sole authority for managing elections, but these grants put private interests firmly in control.”

CTCL also demanded there be universal mail-in voting by suspending existing election laws and extending deadlines that “favored mail-in over in-person voting” while also expanding “opportunities for ballot curing,” according to the New York Post.

For example, the two Zuckerberg organizations funded “vote navigators” in Wisconsin. The vote navigators “assisted voters, potentially at their front doors, to answer questions, assist in ballot curing, and witness absentee ballot signatures.”

CTCL claimed some of the funds were used to protect poll workers to help keep them safe from contracting the virus. But, according to The Federalists’ Mollie Hemingway, “relatively little money was spent on measures to guard the health of election workers.”

These organizations appear to have had an outsized impact on the final election tallies. According to research conducted by the New York Post, Zuckerberg’s funds “significantly increased” Joe Biden’s vote margin in the key swing states.

And one of those key swing states was Wisconsin. According to people like Justice Michael Gableman, Zuckerberg helped Joe Biden “win” Wisconsin’s 10 electors by a mere 20,000 votes.

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