Kari Lake torches CNN reporter with epic quip

by Laura Ramirez

Photo: Alamy

Moments before attending an event, Trump-endorsed Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake confronted a CNN reporter with an epic quip on Thursday, leaving the reporter speechless.

The interaction posted on Twitter shows the moment when a CNN reporter asked Lake for an interview, to which the candidate sarcastically replied,”I’ll do an interview,” Lake told the reporter. “As long as it airs on CNN+. Does that still exist?”

“I didn’t think so because the people don’t like what you guys are peddling, which is propaganda,” Lake added.

CNN+ shut down in April after failing to reach viewers.

CNN expected massive success for its streaming platform, spending over $100 million on it. However, it failed to reach more than 10,000 daily viewers, according to the New York Post.

Lake also recently blasted the “Fake Media,” calling them the “Enemy of the People” after publishing “defamatory stories.”

Reportedly, a drag queen from Arizona claimed he performed for Lake numerous times in her home and bars. Lake issued a defamatory lawsuit against the individual.

In a statement, Lake also warned media outlets she would be “more than happy” to launch more lawsuits if they continued to report the “lies as truth.”

“We encourage those outlets to remember what happened in the Nick Sandmann case and think twice about defaming Kari Lake,” the statement concluded.

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