‘Letters to Trump’ shoots to No. 1 on Amazon

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Trump’s newly launched book, “Letters to Trump,” has hit number one on the bestseller list on Amazon, marking yet another success for the 45th president in the publishing realm.

On Tuesday morning, the book was sitting at No. 1 in its category of U.S. Presidents.

On release day, Monday night, Trump hosted a celebratory party for his newest publication at Mar-a-Lago in West Palm Beach, Florida.

As reported by RSBN, the book will highlight 150 private letters that were written to Trump over the last 40 years or so, including correspondence from famous celebrities and noted world leaders.

“Amazing!” Trump wrote on Truth Social late Tuesday night. “Letters to Trump just went to #1 on Amazon! A great book, get your copy today!”

RSBN’s Brian Glenn noted on Twitter that President Trump’s book is selling for $99, while the average book on Amazon sells for $9.42. Brought to market through the work of Winning Team Publishing, which was kickstarted by Donald Trump Jr. and Sergio Gor, “Letters to Trump” boasts the following:

“From President Richard Nixon, to Princess Diana, and from Hillary Clinton, to Chairman Kim Jong Un, no book offers a glimpse into history quite like LETTERS TO TRUMP! Every letter has been handpicked by President Donald J. Trump, and is accompanied by his original commentary!”

In a recent interview with Mark Levin, Trump said that while celebrities seemed to have changed their view of him over the years, he hasn’t changed. “Well, I haven’t changed and my views haven’t changed very much…I think the thing to change was I ran for office…I had a great relationship with Oprah, a great relationship with everybody,” he said.

He added that “the public probably likes me better” now that he’s run for public office, and that the only reason he ran for president was because, “I just want to make our country great.”

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