Netherlands joins global chorus of resistance to vaccine passports

by Summer Lane

The people of Amsterdam, Netherlands, are stepping forward to fight medical tyranny, gathering on Sunday by the tens of thousands to push back against the Covid health pass. Protesters held signs and flags, marching through the streets to demonstrate their opposition to tightening governmental restrictions surrounding the coronavirus.

The crowd was largely made up of frustrated civilians who have been pushed too far in terms of Covid restrictions. For example, in Amsterdam, a Covid “entry pass” is mandatory to access any indoor space. Face masks are also mandatory indoors. Police and authorities in Amsterdam have additionally been instructed to enforce a “1.5 metre rule,” of social distancing.

According to a report from the Daily Mail, the Netherlands has endured a rigorous lockdown that lasted through the holiday season. Due to increased public pressure, Prime Minister Mark Mutte allowed a partial reopening in January, despite governmental reservations about the newest coronavirus strain, Omicron.

The Dutch people joined a symphony of global protesters this weekend as they continued to push against the medical fascism of their government. On Saturday, thousands of patriotic, liberty-loving French people gathered at the Eiffel Tower in Paris to protest draconian health passports. In fact, the people of France have been marching in the streets since 2021.

As global leaders around the world attempt to implement medical tyranny in their respective countries, their people are rising up against them, tired of being locked in their homes and told they need to have a “health” passport in order to participate in society.

One woman’s sign from the protest in Amsterdam on Sunday perfectly encapsulated the underlying truth about the powerful protest: “The revolution will not be televised,” it read. “To all the elites, politicians, health experts, and so called journalist[s]…We won’t forget what you did to our world.”

Despite the mainstream media’s refusal to cover these jaw-dropping, global marches and events, the people of the Netherlands – and the world – are hungry for freedom. And they are not going to stop pushing back until their liberties are restored.

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