New poll shows unstoppable momentum for Trump

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump has strengthened his lead in the GOP battle for the Republican primary nomination in 2024, cementing his domination over the political field as more candidates continue to enter the race.

Morning Consult’s new GOP primary tracker data revealed that Trump has accrued a net gain of 4 points among Republican voters between late May and early June, leading his chief political rival at the moment, Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., by 34 points.

Per their data, Trump has snagged 56 percent of voter support in the primary battle while DeSantis has earned 22 percent. RSBN previously reported that Morning Consult’s May 24-27 poll found that Trump was leading at 55 percent against DeSantis’s 25 percent.

Trump has earned a 4-point net swing in his direction in just two weeks, while DeSantis has lost 3 points since announcing his presidential candidacy in late May.

President Trump is also leaning strongly in key battleground states, dominating the polls in Iowa, Virginia, New Hampshire, and even DeSantis’s home state of Florida.

A May poll from Roanoke College, for example, found that Trump leads by 20 points over DeSantis in a Republican primary vote in Virginia. In the very important early caucus state of Iowa, Trump is leading DeSantis by a staggering 42 points, holding 62 percent of support compared to the governor’s 20 percent, according to Emerson College’s latest data.

Via RealClear Politics, Trump is also maintaining a strong 18-point average lead in the early-voting state of New Hampshire.

Trump is additionally leading by a hefty margin of 20 points in a Florida battleground primary poll, holding 53 percent of Floridian support for the presidential nomination compared to DeSantis’s 33 percent.

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