Poll: Republicans lead Democrats on education

by Laura Ramirez

New revelations suggest Americans are fed up with the education system and favor Republicans over Democrats in dealing with education issues.

According to a Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey of 1,000 likely voters, 58 percent believe the quality of public schools in the country is getting worse. Only 13 percent suggest it is getting better, and 25 percent say the quality is the same.

Moreover, 43 percent of voters voiced they trust Republicans to deal with education issues. Only 36 percent said they would trust Democrats, and 18 percent suggested the two parties are the same.

Education will be a crucial issue as the midterms approach as most voters (84%) said education will be a “very” important issue in the congressional races.

Furthermore, the poll reflects the massive strides Republican governors have recently made by empowering parental rights in education.

Back in February, Gov. Glenn Youngkin, R-Va., signed a bill banning mask mandates in every public k-12 school in the state, ultimately handing the power to decide the best outcome for children back into the hands of parents.

Similarly, Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., recently signed the Parental Rights in Education Act, prohibiting sexual orientation and gender identity education for young students pre-k through the third grade.

Despite massive backlash and false narratives pushed by Democrats and Hollywood elites, most voters expressed support for the bill, another Rasmussen poll revealed.

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