Rep. Kat Cammack slams Biden’s push for a new Iran Deal

by Summer Lane

Photo credit: Alamy

Rep. Kat Cammack, R-Fla., roasted Joe Biden’s new nuclear deal with Iran in an exclusive interview with Fox & Friends, calling it a “unilateral deal being put together by this administration” because Biden knows he “can’t get a deal through Congress.”

She pointed out that when President Trump was in the White House, Iran didn’t have any resources to “conduct acts of terror,” but that Biden’s new deal would “put a surge money into Iran” that will potentially fund more terrorist attacks around the globe.”

The deal that Rep. Cammack refers to includes negotiations between countries like Russia and Iran within the context of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). According to a Fox News report, the State Department press secretary commented on the situation: “The JCPOA is not going to be an escape hatch for the Russian Federation and the sanctions that have been imposed on it because of the war in Ukraine.”

Further, the Biden administration could conceivably funnel billions into Russia by allowing Putin to conduct nuclear energy business with Iran, according to a report from Newsmax.

“Listen, Israel, our top ally in the region…are screaming at the top of their lungs, ‘This is not a good deal!'” Cammack remarked in the interview. “Not only will it de-stabilize the entire region, but the world. We’re already seeing supply chain issues. We’re already seeing these acts of terror. They [Iran] took credit for a terror attack on our consulate in Iraq, three weeks ago. Why would we come to the table?”

Additionally, the congresswoman discussed the launch of her new PAC, “American Grit,” which will focus on mentoring and funding conservative candidates who have degrees in the “school of hard knocks.” Cammack clarified, “It is the blue-collar, working-class American that we are looking for. I want to see heart. I want to see moms elected to Congress.”

Cammack, who is also the youngest GOP member of Congress, further believes that when the next administration comes in after “one-term” Biden, there will be “unilateral action to take it [Iran Deal] off the table.”

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