Report: New evidence of election fraud POURS out of Wisconsin

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

In a shocking new twist in the embattled election frontier of Wisconsin, a team member from Special Counsel Michael Gableman’s 2020 election investigation team has emerged with new revelations regarding fraud.

According to a special report from The Gateway Pundit, this team member, Gary Wait, revealed in a video to Rumble detailing investigation findings that included the following heavy-hitting claims:

  •  “Approximately 7.3 million names on Wisconsin’s voter rolls with a state population of 5.9 million and only 4.6 million residents are eligible (Age 18 and older) to vote,”
  • Allegedly problematic issues with the Wisconsin Elections Commission structure, which administers elections via three Republicans and three Democrats,
  • Speaker Robin Vos’s move to authorize absentee ballot drop boxes in 2020, along with his allegedly acute knowledge of ballot trafficking mules,
  • An alleged connection between Milwaukee Elections Clerk Claire-Woodall-Vogg and Mark Zuckerberg’s non-profit that funded millions of dollars in dark money to Wisconsin election processes,
  • An alleged 300,000 fake voter registrations, ballots, and/or votes were reportedly generated in 2020.

Previously, Gableman, a former Wisconsin State Supreme Court Justice, had been tasked with investigating allegations and evidence of fraud surrounding the 2020 presidential election.

From March 2021: The Gableman Report

As reported by RSBN, Gableman presented a 136-page report in early 2021 to the Wisconsin State Assembly that detailed evidence of voter fraud, focusing heavily on the “Zuckerberg 5” cities that received dark money to allegedly influence election processes.

Gabelman also stated that they found that Green Bay voting machines had been connected to the internet during the 2020 presidential election.

The Gateway Pundit’s report noted that Wisconsin’s presidential election results were decided by a mere 20,682 votes, calling into question the validity and security of the 2020 election in light of hundreds of thousands of potentially illegal ballots.

The outlet further reported that Speaker Robin Vos fired Justice Gableman in November 2022.

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