Rev. Franklin Graham asks Americans ‘pray’ for President Trump: ‘I miss this guy’

by Ashley Muñoz

Popular evangelist, missionary, and Trump supporter, Franklin Graham, posted a heartwarming tribute to President Trump on Wednesday, urging his followers to “pray for him.”

Franklin Graham, who is the son of Billy Graham, one of the greatest evangelists of all time, wrote on Facebook Wednesday “With the chaos in our world today and the lack of leadership we see, I miss this guy. Pray for him—and let him know you’re praying in the comments below.”

He also encouraged his readers to pray for the elected officials in our nation’s capital. “Also continue to pray every day for all of our leaders in Washington,” Graham wrote.

The reverend’s Facebook post went viral boasting 228,000 likes, 19,000 shares, and a whopping 68,000 comments as of Sunday morning.

Graham also posted his tribute to the president on Twitter, where it gained quite a bit of traction, as well.

Many of the social media users who left comments also shared Graham’s heartfelt thoughts. One Facebook user wrote, “Praying for you and appreciate all you did in making America great. We need you more than ever.”

Another wrote, “I pray continuously for our country and for President Trump. He was the best ever. God has this in control. Hear our prayers Dear Heavenly Father.”

One Twitter user applauded the 45th president’s leadership and ability to make America more prosperous.

“I agree I miss him too. He was one of the best Presidents we ever had. He kept everything in balance & jobs were at an all time high & thank God for the borders that he was able to get put up, they did make a difference. He has to come back. Love you both,” they wrote.

Graham and Trump have continued to develop their relationship throughout the years, and Graham has continually supported the president because he “defends the faith.” In 2018, the evangelist said, “I never said he was the best example of the Christian faith. He defends the faith. And I appreciate that very, very much.”

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