South Korea rises against Covid mandates and joins global fight for liberty

by Summer Lane

The people of South Korea are rising up against outrageous government overreach from Covid vaccine mandates and restrictions, demonstrating their opposition to tyranny by gathering by the thousands in Seoul on Saturday to fight for their freedoms through peaceful but powerful protesting.

The protest comes on the heels of the South Korean government’s attempt to broaden their power in light of the “pandemic.”

In December, the South Korean government announced that they would be expanding their vaccine passport systems, requiring Korean citizens to provide proof of vaccination or a negative Covid test before entering any indoor facilities, according to a report from Jurist.

However, in January, the Seoul Administrative Court ruled that private educational institutions can request exemption from the vaccine passport requirements.

Despite the win for private school students, the rest of the country is still subject to the tyrannical medical edicts of vaccine passports. According to the Jurist report, the Minister of Health and Welfare in South Korea, Deok-chul Kwon, cited the current Covid surge as his reasoning for further expanding medical restrictions and vaccine passports on children ages 11 to 17.

Additionally, all travelers coming into South Korea must provide proof of a negative Covid PCR test to enter the country, and there is a mandatory 10-day quarantine for most travelers upon arrival, according to the U.S. Embassy and Consulate.

Ironically, Son Young-rae, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Health and Welfare, recently stated to the press that the effectiveness of vaccine passports could “not be quantified,” and that “it’s hard to weigh the impact of one policy separately [from social distancing].”

Despite this, the Ministry is staunchly supporting the implementation of vaccine passports.

South Korea has joined the ranks of countries all over the world who are rising up to protest the tyranny of a vaccine passport system. On Saturday, for example, Austrians also marched with fiery torches through the streets of Vienna to demonstrate their opposition to more lockdowns and restrictions.

Now, South Korea is fighting back too, showing the world that the fight for liberty is far from dead. In fact, the fight seems to have only just begun.

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