The ONLY choice in 2024 for restoring American greatness: President Trump

by Summer Lane

Op-ed by Summer Lane | Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump is a historic leader for many reasons.

He was the most pro-life president in history. He was heralded for his unrivaled ability to maintain peace at home and abroad. He understood business and negotiating, implementing whopping tax and regulation cuts. He committed himself to securing the southern border by reshaping immigration protocols and pushing hard to kick-start construction on the southern border wall.

Every step of the way, the president was met with resistance by both Democrats and Republicans alike who attempted to stonewall his vision to make America great again. Whether it was the now-debunked cries of Russian “collusion” or two circus-like impeachment trials, the Uniparty of D.C. and the unrestrained tributaries of the mainstream media worked overtime to defame, smear, and discredit the work of Donald Trump.

Now, the Washington swamp has retreated, reorganized, and regrouped, throwing its power into the levers of judicial authority in America, utilizing the justice system to attack Trump through both criminal and federal investigations.

President Trump has been charged with an over-the-top 34 felony counts related to allegedly “falsifying” business records in a Manhattan criminal case, and he was charged last week with another 37 counts in a separate federal case spearheaded by Special Counsel Jack Smith.

Incredibly, a third probe in Fulton County, Georgia that is investigating a phone call Trump made in 2020 is likely poised to bring charges against the president before 2024, as well.

The alleged crimes that have been slapped on Trump are capriciously retroactive, conveniently arising only as he has astronomically skyrocketed in GOP and general election polling ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

It seems as if there is nothing that the Deep State will not do to keep Trump out of office.

Character assassination

Ret. Lt. General Michael Flynn recently described the legal and political attacks on President Trump as a type of “narrative” assassination.

“I’ve seen it happen in Central and South America in my military days where the opposition candidate would get shot, right? Or would [be] stabbed in the heart… What they’re doing to Donald Trump is they are trying to assassinate Donald Trump by narrative, okay? By narrative,” he explained.

Like President John F. Kennedy, President Trump threatens the survival and the power of the Deep State intelligence communities and their spiderweb of national and international dirty dealings.

While Hunter Biden gets off scot-free even in the face of an avalanche of evidence of alleged criminality on his infamous laptop, President Trump is indicted on dozens of charges left and right related to arguments over paperwork.

The hypocrisy and jaw-dropping duplicity of the two-tiered system of justice is not just frustrating – it’s hierarchal. The so-called Washington elites are untouchable, protected on all sides by a corrupt system that will turn a blind eye to obvious evidence of misdeeds from those on the inside circles of the aristocratic club of politics.

Those who fight against the system and buck against the status quo are ostracized, demonized, and succinctly destroyed.

A rejection of Bush-era politicians

Gone are the days when Republican and Republican-leaning Independents believed that run-of-the-mill GOP candidates had their best interests at heart. After years of running tepid candidates like Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah and the late Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., for president, the American people were shocked wide awake with the colorful and politically incorrect campaign of President Donald Trump in 2016.

Trump brought a refreshing authenticity to the stage, condemning the cycle of bloody and endless foreign wars and lambasting his opponents for their dependence on mega-donors and corporate lobbyists.

Trump brought 2016 campaign energy to a 2023 CNN town hall in May

One truth became crystal clear with his victory seven years ago: the electorate was suddenly exposed to what a Republican candidate could look like if they were to run independently from the establishment.

This birthed an overwhelming rejection of the type of old Republican Party politicians like President George W. Bush. In this rejection, the MAGA movement was born, spurring a revolutionary push toward a return to old-school politics where leaders could be selected on the merits of their personal record of success rather than the number of billionaire donors who were filling their pockets with conditional finances.

The journey ahead  

Never has a 2024 campaign faced so many arduous obstacles. As President Trump is attacked with lawsuits on all sides, he also must deal with the cacophony of negativity in the mainstream media.

His campaign style is famously tough. He has historically taken a no-holds-barred approach to roasting his opponents, whether it was “low energy” Jeb Bush in 2016 to his unflinching attacks on his political opponent Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., whom he has facetiously labeled “Ron DeSanctimonious.”

“Sometimes it’s necessary to talk bad about others that for no reason other than politics speak badly about you,” Trump explained this week in a new video. “…You have to put them in proper perspective, these bad people. You have to put them in their place. People like this are very destructive, and you have to tell the voters what it’s all about, otherwise, why should they be able to understand it?”

In this statement, Trump is making his point unequivocally clear: without boldness and toughness, the American people could not know the truth about the enemies that he is facing both outside and within.

He recently explained during a Fox News interview, “I would like to be less combative, but I find the press is extremely dishonest, and if I’m not combative, I don’t get my word across. If I’m not combative – I don’t think you could win.”

President Trump has provided a blueprint for success for future America First candidates when it comes to running for office. He has turned the Republican idea of being prim, proper, and “nice” on its head.

There is a time for niceness, and it is not in the heat of a battle for American liberty. Trump understands that to “drain the swamp,” superficial politics must be left on the table. It’s time for action and victory.

The worst threat to western civilization today, after all, is “ourselves and some of the horrible, USA-hating people that represent us,” Trump has stated in the past.

Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson, R-N.C. recently explained, “America needs a fighter, indeed. This nation needs a fighter. Someone who is willing to go onto the world stage, walk in boldly, strongly, waving the American flag saying, ‘The Americans are here and we are in charge again and we are going to lead the world into the future with freedom!’”

As the conjoined and shadowed power players in D.C. and beyond work tirelessly to prevent a Trump presidential victory in 2024, the American people seem to only embrace the 45th president tighter.

“I will never yield, I will never be deterred,” he told a North Carolina crowd two weeks ago. “I will never stop fighting for you.”  

To preserve the freedoms of the American republic, we the people must resolve to be as unyielding and undeterred as Trump as the nation heads into the fire of the 2024 presidential election.

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