These are the FOUR RACES to watch tonight!

by Gary Smith

Glenn Youngkin running for Governor in Virginia, Jack Ciattarelli challenging incumbent Gov. Phil Murphy in New Jersey, Mike Carey running for Congress in Ohio, and the competition for Mayor of New York, with candidate Curtis Sliwa, the man with the red beret and 17 cats!

Polls just closed in Virginia, as Youngkin challenges Clinton-ally and former Democrat Governor Terry McAuliffe for the state’s top leadership position. However, Fox News reports the race is too close to call right now. 

“I’ve just felt this great surge of momentum for the last six to eight weeks,” Youngkin commented at a polling station in Chantilly, Virginia

Jack Ciattarelli in New Jersey is hoping to be a big recipient of the 700,000 ballots cast by mail already, a third of the total votes in 2017. His platform is simple: no vaccine or mask mandates, and a severe reduction in property taxes.

In Ohio, Biden-backed state Rep. Allison Russo is feeling the pressure as Trump-backed coal lobbyist Mike Carey is favored to win by local media

And in the big apple, a contentious battle is underway as outgoing Mayor Bill De Blasio has left the powerful position open to a potential Republican upset, with freedom minded radio host Curtis Sliwa hoping to beat Brooklyn borough bureaucrat Eric Adams. 

“When it comes to these mandates, Jan. 2, if I’m elected mayor of the city of New York, these mandates go,” Sliwa promised voters.

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