Thousands protest tyrannical Covid measures in Belgium

by Summer Lane

Tens of thousands of people took to the streets of Brussels, Belgium to protest a new set of restrictions being imposed on the theater, culture and arts sectors, pushing hard against tyrannical measures that the Belgian government is projecting will help fight against Omicron, the newest variant of the coronavirus.

According to a report from Breitbart News, the new Belgian health measures were newly introduced on Sunday after almost two years of strictly limiting the cultural sector of Belgian society, ranging from closing indoor activities to limiting or banning public entrance into indoor venues.

Under the new rules, Belgians’ access to public venues or even sports stadiums are restricted or outright forbidden, effectively killing all hopes of a return to normalcy.

Brussel’s pushback against the tyranny of their own government is just another voice being raised in a global chorus, demanding freedom from medical fascism. Millions of people have been protesting coronavirus health restrictions over the past year, particularly in places where regulations are the strictest, like Australia.

From mandating vaccines to demanding vaccine passports for domestic and international travel or eating indoors at a restaurant, there seems to be a unified push across the globe from European governments to lock down the populace and close the daily operations of society for as long as possible. In September, the New South Wales Public Health Chief Dr. Kerry Chant in Australia flatly remarked that the government would be looking at using contact tracing for pinpointing coronavirus cases for the “New World Order.”

In Austria, people have also arisen to fight nationwide lockdowns, gathering by the tens of thousands in Vienna in November, pushing back against governmental demands for mandatory Covid vaccinations and forced home quarantines. In December, thousands more marched through London and Belfast to protest restrictive governmental regulations surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, as well.

As protests continue to organically arise from the ashes of coronavirus-related regulations and tyrannical edicts, people around the world are beginning to rouse to the reality that most governments will not let go of their emergency health powers without a fight. Proponents of liberty gained another ally on Sunday in the people of Brussels, and it remains to be seen if the Belgian government will take heed and listen to the will of their people.

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