Truckers and farmers stand UNITED in Quebec despite Ottawa police crackdown

by Summer Lane

Truckers and farmers forming a Freedom Convoy in Quebec, Canada, on Saturday are standing strong and united in the face of the police crackdown on peaceful protesters in Ottawa. They are pushing back against tyrannical vaccine mandates and coronavirus-related restrictions by forming blockades comprised of eighteen-wheelers, logging trucks, and tractors.

Videos circulating on social media show the freedom-loving Canadians decked out in pants and jackets, sporting Canadian flags. On Saturday, a brand-new Freedom Convoy rolled into Quebec to call for an end to Trudeau’s tyranny.

The truckers’ and farmers’ dedication to holding the line for liberty is incredible, given the amount of chaos that has ensued in nearby Ottawa, where protesters have been aggressively arrested and trampled by mounted police officers. A

The pro-freedom protesters who have coalesced in Ottawa have maintained a peaceful and respectful rapport with the Ottawa police for the entirety of their occupation of the city.

Despite this, Trudeau and the Canadian government seem intent on forcing the protesters out of the city by frightening them or even injuring them, as the Ottawa police did by crushing protesters beneath the hoofs of their horses.

The continuing protests against totalitarian tyranny in Quebec begs the question of whether or not Trudeau will soon utilize police to break up their demonstration, too. If the Ottawa arrests were meant to scare Canadians out of protesting, it hasn’t worked. The Freedom Convoy protests in Quebec on Saturday revealed countless people dancing in the snow, waving flags, and singing.

The spirit of freedom-loving Canadians has not been broken, and Trudeau, Parliament, and the Canadian regime has only just begun to see the fighting spirit of people who are hungry for a restoration of their freedoms.

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