Trump accuses Jan. 6 committee of ‘criminal act’

by Jason Collins

Photo: Alamy

The Jan. 6 committee made headlines recently after admitting they had destroyed all the records and documents pertaining to the charges against President Trump. President Trump calls this a criminal act and says that the charges against him should be dropped. 

The Jan. 6 committee pushed for charges to be brought against President Trump. The committee claimed at the time that it had sufficient evidence that President Trump was behind the attack on the Capitol in 2021. 

Now that President Trump has subpoena power, this evidence has suddenly disappeared and been illegally deleted. In an interview released Wednesday with Eric Bolling from Newsmax, President Trump called the deletion of everything a criminal act.  

President Trump also pointed out the real reason why the so-called evidence against him was illegally deleted.

He said, “They deleted it because they didn’t want anybody to see it because the real answers were there. But they didn’t want to report it.” President Trump pointed out that all the nonsense that he was subjected to and that people watched for a year and a half is now gone. 

The response to the destroyed documents came from Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., who is the chairman of the Jan. 6 committee. RSBN reported what Thompson wrote on the footnote of a document, “The Select Committee was not obligated to archive all video recordings of transcribed interviews or depositions.”

Now that there is no “evidence” left, President Trump has condemned the corrupt Jan. 6 committee and said that these fake charges against him need to be removed.  

On Truth Social, President Trump shared how he felt about this. He wrote, “Does the First Amendment still exist? Did Deranged Jack Smith tell the Unselects to DESTROY & DELETE all evidence? These are DARK DAYS IN AMERICA.” 

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