Trump blasts RINOs working to return drop boxes in Wisconsin

by Summer Lane

President Donald Trump on Monday slammed RINO Republicans for working “hand in hand with others to have drop boxes again placed in Wisconsin.”

This comes after a Waukesha County Judge in the Badger State ruled that ballot drop boxes can no longer be used in the election process January, requiring voters to cast their votes in person or through the mail, as previously reported by RSBN.

President Trump continued in his statement released through his Save America PAC, “These fools are playing right into the Democrats’ hand. Drop boxes are only good for Democrats and cheating, not good for Republicans.”

Additionally, the subject of ballot drop boxes and their role in contributing to the overwhelming mountain of election fraud and irregularities across the country has come into the spotlight since the 2020 presidential election. For example, in January, a 2021 video revealing shocking footage of what is allegedly 240 reportedly hired operatives dumping ballots into boxes across the country in Georgia and possibly other states surfaced.

In light of the dubious activities that seem to happen when drop boxes are placed in public places, it makes sense that President Trump is calling out Wisconsin Republicans for working to replace drop boxes. Drop boxes are easily accessible and unsecured, making them a potential dumping ground for illegal ballots.

The reports of fraud and election irregularities are stacking up in key battleground states like Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Wisconsin. Trump’s statement that RINO “fools” are playing right into Democrats’ hands to replace drop boxes is troubling for Wisconsin citizens who would prefer that drop boxes be altogether eliminated from the voting process.

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