Moderate voters disappointed in Biden’s ‘insane’ economy

by Meredith Minto

Joe Biden’s first year in office has been far more radical than the center-of-the-aisle policies he promised during the campaign.

Between skyrocketing inflation, the botched Afghanistan troop withdrawal, and federal vaccine mandates, Biden has landed himself in hot water with the American public.

On CBS’ “Face the Nation,” host Monica Brennan sat down with a panel of American voters, and not a single participant thought they were better off now than they were a year ago.

“There’s been all this money pumped in with the intention of helping working people, are you saying it just hasn’t made a difference in your life?”Brennan asked.

“Certainly not in my life,” one voter responded.

Sandy, a 2020 Trump voter said, “It really hasn’t made a difference at all, at least in my life. Sure it may have helped some people temporarily,” he said. “But all this money being pumped into the economy has caused inflation.”

The same sentiment was heard on “Meet the Press,” where Chuck Todd spoke with a panel of independent voters, who voted for Biden in 2020, but did not vote Democrat in 2016.

“President Biden is walking a tightrope. In addition to flagging enthusiasm in the base, he faces eroding support among independents,” Todd said.

The panel seemed to conclude that Biden was focusing on the wrong issues.

“We got a lot of problems. We’ve got high inflation. We have supply chain issues,” Jason Murphy said. 

During “Meet the Press,” Todd said that the economy and jobs are a top issue for voters, now beating out Covid, which he says Republicans have a 33-point advantage to Democrats on.

A Pennsylvania voter, Jennifer Ruchinski, said, “It’s almost $400 just to go to the grocery store for three people, I mean that’s insane.”

“I think he’s listening to too many liberals,” Murphy added later in the segment.

Not only has Biden failed conservative voters, but it is becoming evident that middle-road voters are also unimpressed by the Biden administration.

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