Trump blown away by INSANE viewership 

by Jason Collins

Photo: Alamy

Instead of feuding with his fellow candidates, President Trump chose not to attend the first Republican presidential debate. Rather, he sat down for an interview with Tucker Carlson and is now blown away by the support for the interview. 

Despite not attending the debate, President Trump is still the man of the hour. For example, during the debate, the moderators asked the candidates on stage whether they supported Trump, which led to a spirited row between them.  

With the release of the highly anticipated interview, President Trump is again in the spotlight. The interview was released on Wednesday night, the same night as the debate, and had gotten more views than the eight candidates battling it out on stage.

Within one hour of the interview being released, the views had already climbed to a whopping 78 million. RSBN reported that the interview had reached 40 million views within the first 20 minutes.  

President Trump took to Truth Social today to express his gratitude to all his supporters. He wrote, “The Tucker Carlson Interview with me was a BLOCKBUSTER. Could hit 200,000,000 Views, and more! Thank you! I hope it was enjoyed by everyone.” 

During the interview with former Fox News host Tucker Carlson, President Trump talked about his current legal battles, his thoughts on the media lies about Jan.6, as well as his thoughts on some of the candidates at the debate. President Trump also revealed his top priorities for when he gets reelected in 2024. The most important one is to seal up the border for people entering the country illegally. 

As of Thursday morning, the views were sitting at 208 million and are predicted to keep soaring. 

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