Trump calls out foolish Biden’s ‘stupid’ decisions, blasts ‘most embarrassing military event’ in U.S. history

by Ashley Muñoz

President Trump did not hold back from criticizing the Biden administration and its poor policy decisions during a Wednesday interview with David Harris Jr. on his podcast, The David J. Harris Jr. Show.

Responding to Harris who asked what he means when he says “We are just getting started and the best is yet to come?”, President Trump alluded to consequences that could come from the election audits.

“Well, the election was rigged, David. You know it was rigged. You just look at the Arizona audit and all the things that they found and was incorrectly reported by the fake news,” said Trump.

“But they found thousands and thousands, much more than you’d need, thousands and thousands of votes that were just false and disgusting, or phantom or anything you want to call it,” he continued. “Far more than would be needed to overturn.”

“And you have other states now, as you know, looking at it very strongly and we’ll have to see what happens. I mean, its moving along, and Arizona is moving along, and they continue to push. The senate in Arizona was very brave, frankly,” the 45th president added.

Trump also brought up the Afghanistan debacle, saying whoever pulled the military out before civilians was a “fool” and called it an “embarrassment to our country.”

“Take a look at the current events with Afghanistan, the withdrawal, where we lost those incredible soldiers and many wounded, by the way, that nobody talks about. But 85 billion dollars of the best military equipment in the world. It’s a disgrace,” Trump said. “Nobody’s every seen anything like it.”

The president asked, “What fool would take the military out first? They took the military out and they left the Americans behind… a child would know better…they blew it.”

“They did a lot of stupid things, but the big one was taking the military out first,” Trump concluded. “It’s the most embarrassing military event in the history of our country.”

A lighter segment of the interview involved Harris describing the shirt he was wearing while on the phone with President Trump.

“We need your leadership,” said Harris. “My t-shirt right now says, ‘Make Tweets Mean Again’. I sure would love some mean tweets and some real leadership in the Oval Office, Mr. President.”

“Well, we just need leadership. We don’t need mean or nice tweets, actually. You just need, you need leadership. You need really proper decisions, because the decisions made over the last 8 months, I mean look at where we’ve gone,” Trump said. “Our country is being destroyed, so I don’t want to leave it with such a negative note. It can be brought back, but every day is very tough on our country. A lot of bad decisions, and frankly, a lot of bad people.”

Also during the nearly 20 minute interview, Harris and President Trump discussed the “fake news media” and recent videos produced by James O’Keefe of Project Veritas.

“James is incredible, the job he does. But the media doesn’t want to put that stuff out because it makes Biden look bad and they want to protect him at all costs,” said Trump. “It’s really pretty amazing, actually.”

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