TRUMP controls the narrative as day two of the hush money trial gets underway: ‘It’s called LEGAL expenses’

by Grace Saldana

Photo: Alamy

“This is a trial that should have never been brought,” President Trump declared on Tuesday, wasting no time in first remarks to reporters on the second day of the hush money trial in New York.

President Trump’s remarks carried a solemn tone as he confidently stood in front of mainstream media reporters. “It’s a trial that is being looked upon, looked at all over the world, they’re looking at it and analyzing it.”

“Every legal pundit, every legal scholar said this trial is a DISGRACE,” he emphasized. “We have a Trump-hating judge, we have a judge that shouldn’t be on this case, he’s totally conflicted. But this is a trial that should never happen, it should have been thrown out a long time ago.”

Nodding to “great” legal scholars such as Jonathan Turley and Andy McCarthy, President Trump said, “There’s not one that we’ve been able to find that said this should be a trial.”

Questioning the faulty indictment, Trump told reporters that “a legal expense” is “exactly” what the payment was. “I’m being indicted over that?” he asked.

“I should be, right now, in Pennsylvania, in Florida, in many other states, North Carolina, Georgia, campaigning,” he continued. As America enters peak election season, President Trump will be hindered from freely stumping in important swing states. For the next six to eight weeks, he will be stuck in a courtroom every day except Wednesdays and weekends.

“This is all coming from the Biden White House because the guy can’t put two sentences together. He can’t campaign,” said Trump. Railroading reporters who tried to interject, the 45th president concisely finished his statement. “He’s using this in order to try and win an election, and it’s not working that way. It’s working the opposite way.”

An AP poll published Tuesday morning proved his point right. Only about one-third of U.S. adults indicated in a survey that Trump did something illegal in the hush money case, AP reported. The vast majority, 65 percent, agreed he did not, although they disagreed on whether his actions were ethical.

Making a final point, Trump concluded, “It’s called legal expenses.”

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