Trump donors grant a far brighter financial outlook to his campaign

by Jason Collins

Photo: Alamy

With the indictment charges in shambles, his dominant lead in the polls, and a financially strong campaign, things are looking far brighter for President Trump and his desire for reelection, thanks to grassroots donors.

While there has never been any doubt that President Trump’s campaign is financially stable, new information obtained by Breitbart News shows just how much stronger President Trump’s financial campaign is.  

This is even after President Trump’s third indictment, in which RSBN reported that he had gained even more support. His poll statistics showed that 54 percent of the currently registered GOP primary voters would vote for President Trump in 2024. 

What makes President Trump’s campaign so financially successful is his actual 2024 campaign, his PAC, MAGA Inc, and his Save America PAC. 

Breitbart News reported what a senior Trump campaign official said about how the funds are handled: “All funds raised go through a joint fundraising agreement whereby 90 percent go to the campaign and 10 percent to the leadership PAC.” 

Since the launch of President Trump’s 2024 election campaign, the campaign has managed to raise an impressive $39 million, which includes money from 315,000 individual donors.

Even with the mounting legal costs, which his Save America PAC will cover, the Trump campaign still has more than $20 million in cash ready to use. 

The Trump campaign official also explained what some of the money is used for, “The cash that goes to the Trump campaign is used for actual campaign operations like travel, advertising, get-out-the-vote efforts, and more.” 

What has given President Trump such a financial advantage against other presidential candidate campaigns is donations from grassroots donors.

Breitbart News reported what a senior Trump campaign aide said about the donors: “Grassroots donors have given President Trump a massive fundraising advantage, and his campaign team has fiercely protected these precious resources.” 

As President Trump’s support in the polls continues to grow, so will his campaign’s finances despite legal costs. President Trump’s future is looker brighter than ever. 

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