Ronny Jackson: ‘Trump will be the nominee’

by Joshua Perry

Photo: Alamy

Congressman Ronny Jackson, R-Texas, highlighted President Donald Trump’s impressive campaign performance on Thursday in a post on X, formerly known as Twitter.

“Donald Trump continues to DOMINATE the polls,” said Jackson. The confident statement is supported by recent polling, which shows the 45th president is as popular as ever.

Recently, Premise conducted a survey asking participants who they thought should be the Republican presidential nominee. Of the total votes, 54 percent of voters decided that Trump is their preferred number one pick. Following, Governor Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., placed second, trailing Trump by 36 percentage points.

Additionally, the former White House physician rhetorically asked, “Is this even a race anymore?”

Withstanding investigations, indictments, and impending charges, support for Donald Trump continues to skyrocket.

Furthermore, Republican voters remain excited to hear from President Trump as many of them camp overnight for scheduled rallies. On Tuesday, voters reportedly lined up at midnight outside the New Hampshire venue where Trump spoke to a large group of veterans.

Prior to the event, President Trump announced his new “Veterans for Trump” coalition for New Hampshire.

In a statement, the Trump campaign reiterated that “President Trump has always been a champion for the men and women who served our nation by ensuring they received great care, benefits, and jobs. He held corrupt government bureaucrats accountable for their lack of care and made sure the VA was treating veterans with honor and dignity.”

Answering the question, Rep. Jackson declared that the battle for the party’s nomination “never was” a race. Moreover, he boldly predicted that “Trump will be the nominee.” In addition, the former Naval officer exclaimed that Trump “will be president again.”

Upholding Jackson’s prediction, the recorded data from Premise revealed that President Trump polls better against Joe Biden in the general election. Among participants, Trump had a 42 percent favorability to Biden’s 38 percent.

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