Trump draws attention to the Democrat money trail funding radical pro-Palestinian protests

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

Amid news that New York’s Columbia University has canceled its commencement ceremony this spring due to the rapid spread of pro-Palestinian protests over the past few weeks, President Trump slammed the school’s decision.

“That shouldn’t happen,” he told reporters on Monday morning just outside a New York courtroom, where he was attending his 12th day of the ongoing “hush money” trial.

The president continued, “It also just came out that… many of the protesters are backed by Biden’s donors, okay? Are you listening, Israel? I hope you’re listening, Israel. I hope you’re getting smart…that’s where the money’s coming from.”

According to the Wall Street Journal, Columbia University announced that they had canceled their primary commencement ceremony this spring, but are tentatively allowing smaller graduation ceremonies to continue.

This comes as pro-Palestinian protestors have disrupted campus functionality and safety for the past few weeks, setting up encampments, clashing with law enforcement, and demanding that university officials even cancel finals because of what has been going on.

Trump’s comment that “Biden’s donors” are primarily backing the pro-Palestinian protests is not simply an errant remark. RSBN previously reported that this campus chaos is being partially funded by high-dollar dark money organizations like Jewish Voice for Peace, Open Society Foundation, and IfNotNow (linked to George Soros and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund).

During his remarks on Monday, he flashed an article to the press from Politico, which noted the following:

“Several other groups involved in pro-Palestinian protests are backed by a foundation funded by Susan and Nick Pritzker, heir to the Hyatt Hotel empire — and supporters of Biden and numerous Democratic campaigns, including $6,600 to the Biden Victory Fund a few months ago and more than $300,000 during the 2020 campaign.

The trail of donations shows a series of blurred lines when it comes to liberal causes and Democratic politics. Often those missions are aligned, but they also sometimes have different and — particularly when it comes to Gaza — conflicting agendas and tactics. And a small group of wealthy heavyweights are often playing an outsize role funding many of them.”

Earlier this month, Trump told Fox News that he didn’t believe that Joe Biden is on Israel’s side when it comes to the ongoing Hamas-Israel war in the Middle East. He urged for a tough and strong approach to the unfolding turmoil at home and abroad, criticizing Biden’s tepid leadership.

Per RSBN, Trump explained, “The United States has to get courage, and the United States has to speak up. Nobody knows where the U.S. stands right now. I think Biden is not on the side of Israel, and he’s making a tremendous mistake. You have to clean up the terror that we witnessed on Oct. 7.”

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