Trump-endorsed congressman makes the case for reelection, details plans to help Trump defeat Biden

by Alex Caldwell

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With South Carolina’s U.S. House primary elections one day away, several incumbents are ramping up campaign efforts to defend their seats against their challengers—including GOP Rep. William Timmons.

Timmons, who is seeking reelection to a fourth term in office representing those in South Carolina’s fourth congressional district, had been previously endorsed last month by President Donald Trump.

During an exclusive interview with RSBN on Friday, Timmons expanded upon this latest endorsement and laid out his agenda for his constituents should he be reelected to serve in the upper chamber.

However, the incumbent currently faces a primary challenge from state Rep. Adam Morgan, who Timmons claimed was a politician “who is not really taken seriously, nor “respected” and “trusted” by his colleagues.

Timmons then contrasted himself as being “one of the most conservative voting records in Congress,” touting his record as a prosecutor to protect domestic violence victims while also starting six successful small businesses. The congressman also currently serves as a captain in the National Guard.

As a national guardsman, Timmons highlighted the recent lack of strength coming out of the Biden administration, which has caused war and carnage throughout the world.

“When the United States is strong, the world is secure—there is peace,” Timmons told RSBN. “When the United States is weak, there is insecurity, there is violence, and there is war. There’s never been a time in my life where the United States has been as weak as it is right now.”

Timmons continued, “Joe Biden can’t walk upstairs and can’t read a teleprompter. He’s not in charge of this country. His own Department of Justice said that he lacks the mental capacity to form the criminal intent necessary to be charged with a crime. Is it any shock that Vladimir Putin, Hamas, and Iran don’t care what he says or thinks?”

The congressman also suggested that because of Biden’s foreign policy, the war between Russia and Ukraine, the rise of Hamas, and Iran’s launching of missiles were able to take place.

Timmons further explained that President Trump “is going to be elected,” and upon taking office, the president will say to Russia, “‘You’ve got two weeks to retreat to the lines that existed when I was president. Hamas, you have 36 hours to release the hostages. Iran, for every rocket you fire, we’re going to fire 100 back at you.”

“The American people aren’t stupid. They see the damage that the policies coming out of this White House have caused. They’re going to hold them to account, we’re going to change course, and we’re going to get this country back on track.”

Furthermore, Timmons reiterated that he was “all in” on supporting President Trump, telling RSBN that “our only chance at saving the American dream” is reelecting the 45th president.

However, Timmons expressed concerns over election integrity, particularly as it relates to Democrats’ supposed attempts to win the upcoming race for the White House unfairly.

Timmons previously voted with 146 Republicans to decertify the 2020 election results in Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania because “unelected bureaucrats” implemented what he called “election law changes that made it easier to cheat” in these states.

Timmons told RSBN, however, that this was unlikely to happen again in 2024 because Democrats would instead “use the criminal justice system to persecute President Trump” but that he would help “stop it.”

The congressman, however, pointed out that the country’s two most pressing issues are rising inflation and illegal border crossings.

On the economy, Timmons told RSBN that increased inflation has put the “American dream on life-support” because the Democrats have “irresponsibly spent money we didn’t have.”

Timmons argued that to fix this, “we have to stop spending money we don’t have” and “get interest rates under control.”

“Millions of Americans have been denied the dream of home ownership because, three or four years ago, interest rates were two and a half or three percent,” said Timmons. “Now they’re eight and nine percent. The cost of a mortgage has gone up 250 percent.”

Timmons continued, “The American people are hurting. Their paycheck goes less far. They can’t buy a house. They have to decide whether they want to fill up their tank 100 percent at the gas station, or put food on their table. Often times they probably do half a tank and half the food they want—and that’s because of the policies coming out of the Biden administration.”

He further maintained that Joe Biden and Democrats could keep trying to “trick the American people into thinking things are better than they are” but that people can “see through the nonsense.”

“Joe Biden just signed an executive order saying, ‘No, we’re only gonna have a million and a half people come in illegally. Not two million,'” Timmons said, moving onto the topic of illegal immigration. “I guess that’s a little better, but the number should be zero.”

He continued, “I want people to come into this country and fill jobs that we don’t have. We have to grow the economy. We have to have immigration—but they have to come through the front door.”

When asked why he thought the Biden administration was green-lighting the openness of the southern border, Timmons told RSBN that he believed Democrats wanted to “import 10 million people,” which he said would be equivalent to having added “40 congressional districts” after an updated census.

“[Democrats] are going to try to hook these people on government benefits. They are going to get them to relocate to blue states to impact the census,” Timmons told RSBN. “They’re going to do everything they can to give these people the ability to vote.”

Timmons called Biden’s immigration policies “an extension of the Obama-era apology tour,” where “‘we have more than you do, so we’re going to give you more at the expense of our citizens.'”

He added, “I’ve got more veterans and more American citizens are struggling and not getting the benefits that they’re owed, and we are giving billions, and tens of billions, and hundreds of billions to people who are crossing the southern border illegally.”

Moreover, Timmons commented on recent reports calling South Carolina’s Sen. Tim Scott a potential vice presidential running mate for President Trump, saying the senator an “incredible pick.”

“[President Trump] needs somebody who will help him win independents and suburban women,” said Timmons. “That is where we struggled in 2020. I think of all the people that are being floated, [Sen. Scott] is the best option—because independents and suburban women he connects with, and he’s the embodiment of the American dream.”

Timmons called Scott’s advocacy and faith “pure,” saying that the senator is “loved by Republicans and Democrats” and that it’s “tough to say a bad thing about him,” which would help President Trump.

“I’ll support whoever [President Trump] picks, but I don’t think there’s a better option than Tim Scott,” said Timmons.

South Carolina’s U.S. House primaries will take place on Tuesday, June 11.

More information regarding Rep. William Timmons’ campaign can be found here.

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