‘NUMBER ONE’: Dana White discusses President Trump’s fighting spirit

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

Love him or hate him, President Donald Trump doesn’t back down from a fight, and it is this resiliency that has captured the admiration of many leaders and businessmen in America today, especially as the 45th president faces down a laundry list of politically-fueled lawfare.

While speaking with Fox News, CEO and President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Dana White weighed in with his thoughts on how high President Trump ranks on the list of the world’s greatest fighters.

“Number one,” White said.  

He continued, “You take any of the greatest fighters of all time, Trump is number one. The most resilient human being that I have ever met in my life. Why keep doing this? You know, you’ve got money. You’ve got a great life. You’ve got whatever. Why keep doing this? And the one thing that I can tell you, and this is a fact, this guy loves this country and he loves all Americans.”

White has been friends with President Trump for years. The president often joins White ringside at UFC showdowns, where he usually enters the stadium to the chords of Kid Rock’s “American Bad Ass.”

White told Fox, “…He’s [Trump] a good human being, and he loves America, and he cares about this country, period. End of story. If he wasn’t that type of guy, I would never even associate myself with him.”

President Trump recently joined White last week for UFC 302. During the event, the president launched his first TikTok video, which soared to millions of views within hours. The video featured Trump walking out at UFC to huge cheering and applause alongside Dana White.

Trump’s ringside UFC appearances have almost become a staple of his 2024 reelection bid, and it demonstrates how popular he is with the average American audience.

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