Trump-endorsed John Gordon calls for ‘the truth’ behind the 2020 election in Georgia

by Timothy Frudd

John Gordon, the Trump-endorsed candidate for Georgia attorney general, says he is running to replace “do-nothing” Chris Carr and is planning a thorough investigation into the 2020 presidential election. “We need the truth,” he said.

Gordon, who vows to be tough on election fraud, is a business owner and former prosecutor. When President Trump gave his endorsement last month, he described the candidate as “tough, strong, smart, and loves the people of Georgia.” Gordon will be “a spectacular Attorney General, something the state so desperately needs,” Trump added.

In an interview with RSBN, Gordon blamed Carr for the election mess of 2020. “You can just look at our last elections. The things that happened…were already illegal.”

Missing signatures on absentee ballots are troubling to the attorney general candidate, who pointed out that it is illegal to count an absentee ballot in Georgia without signature verification.

Gordon said that in future elections, “We have got to have trained, honest poll workers.” He emphasized the need for poll watchers to be adequately trained to maintain election integrity.

One of the main problems he sees in Carr’s handling of the 2020 election is the implementation of drop boxes which were not authorized by the state legislature as required under the law.

“That was an invention of the attorney general and the secretary of state who usurped the legislature’s authority, exceeded their constitutional authority, violated their oath of office, and entered the consent decree with Stacey Abrams,” he opined.

Offering a solution, Gordon proposed that rather than pass new laws, the attorney general should enforce existing election laws to prevent the issues in 2020 from occurring again in 2022 and the 2024 presidential election.

Warning against overconfidence in Georgia’s recent election law changes, the Trump-endorsed candidate said it “doesn’t matter how many laws you pass if the people responsible for the enforcement fall down on the job.”

Pointing out his opponent’s weakness, Gordon said, “I refer to him as Chris ‘do-nothing’ Carr, because that is exactly the way that he has approached his office.” He continued, “The people of Georgia need to fire him.”

“I am applying for his position,” he added.

When asked what steps he would take to investigate widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election, Gordon answered, “We’re going to conduct an investigation like you would into any criminal enterprise.”

Gordon said his investigation, which would last a short 3-6 months, would include calling, subpoenaing, and deposing witnesses. Furthermore, he will use any other necessary tools to investigate what happened in the 2020 election thoroughly.

“We are going to get to the truth,” said Gordon, “then we will expose the facts and we will prosecute the people that violated the law.”

Contrasting himself with his opponent, Gordon explained, “Work is what I know best.” As attorney general, Gordon promises to work on behalf of the citizens of Georgia, not special interest groups.

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