Trump exposes media ‘coverup’ of ‘treasonous espionage’

by Timothy Frudd

President Donald Trump exposed the mainstream media’s attempt to ignore news of the John Durham report in a blistering statement released Wednesday.

Questioning the media’s silence, Trump asked, “Why isn’t the media asking who gave Crooked Hillary Clinton’s ‘plumbers’ their orders?” He added, “With Watergate it was the coverup that turned out to be the far bigger crime. With Hillarygate it is the Mainstream Media Coverup that is almost as big of a crime as the act of treasonous espionage itself.”

The media’s silence concerning the Clinton campaign’s role in spying on Trump tower and the White House has led many Americans to question the double standard of the media. The same media that covered every moment of the Russian collusion hoax is refusing to acknowledge that Trump was right about the origins of the Russia probe and the fact that the 45th President of the United States was spied on by an opposing political party.

Trump claims the media’s attempt to cover up “Hillarygate” is “showing the world why our media is truly the enemy of the people!” 

Mollie Hemingway, author of “Rigged: How the Media, Big Tech, and the Democrats Seized Our Elections,” has echoed Trump’s remarks on Fox News, saying, “You had unsubstantiated sources who were making anonymously based claims that would lead the news for weeks at a time. But when you have an actual indictment, an actual court filing with proof and evidence of how bad this scandal is, the corrupt media are curiously silent.”

She added, “They’re silent because they’re complicit. They were part of this hoax.”

Trump has consistently called out the media for their role in the Russian collusion hoax and for their protection of Democrats by refusing to report on stories that shed a negative light on the Democrats. However, his latest statement takes it a step further by arguing that the media is deliberately covering up an act of “treasonous espionage.”

Trump told Fox News Digital’s Brooke Singman in a Tuesday interview, “This is a very big revelation… the press is corrupt and they don’t like to cover it.”

The 45th president is not alone in his distrust of the mainstream media. A Trafalgar Group and Convention of States Action poll released in December found that 76.3 percent of Americans believe the mainstream media does not report facts. Instead, the mainstream media seems determined to promote the liberal agenda and prevent the truth from being revealed.

Trump’s new social media platform Truth Social promises to offer an alternative media source that will allow Americans the ability to engage in a censor-free experience. Perhaps when the 45th president is once again able to directly communicate with his supporters, the media will have no choice but to cover real news.

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