Trump foreshadows likely LANDSLIDE victory in South Carolina primary: ‘we’re going to WIN’

by Summer Lane

President Trump foreshadowed what is likely to be a landslide victory in South Carolina on Saturday during a “Get Out the Vote Rally” in Rock Hill, telling a fired-up crowd, “Tomorrow, we’re going to WIN this state, and then we’re going to tell Crooked Joe Biden, ‘You’re FIRED! Get out of here! You’re FIRED!’”

The crowd jumped to their feet and chanted “USA” while holding signs that read, “Joe Biden, You’re Fired.”

The president touched on many integral topics on Friday afternoon during his rally, including border security, the U.S. economy, and his political opponent, former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley.

“Under Biden, we now have the WORST border in the history of the world,” he pointed out.

He also said that the border crisis was disproportionately affecting “Black and Hispanic populations” and postulated that as many as 18 million people would have illegally crossed into America by the time Biden’s term in office is over.

“HE [Biden] is a THREAT to democracy,” he fired off.

The president also told the crowd on Friday, “Fire Crooked Joe and elect your favorite president, Donald J. Trump – that’s me!”

He promised to return to policies that fostered “peace through strength” but emphasized the importance of Americans showing up in huge numbers at the polls on Saturday that would “send a signal” of the voting strength coming in November 2024.

He pledged, “We’re going to show Crooked Joe Biden and the radical left Democrats that we are coming like a freight train in November!”

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