Trump: ‘I have single-handedly shown the American Public how Crooked and Corrupt our Government is’

2D7YFR2 U.S. President Donald Trump talks with reporters prior to boarding Marine One on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Wednesday, July 17, 2019. Trump headed to North Carolina on Wednesday, where he hosted a campaign rally. Credit: Alex Edelman/The Photo Access

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President Donald Trump took credit recently for exposing the rampant corruption that is rife throughout federal agencies on Truth Social. “Importantly, I have single-handedly shown the American Public how Crooked and Corrupt our Government is,” he wrote. “NOW WE CAN FIX IT.”

As 2024 looms closer, Trump has relentlessly made a case for his successful MAGA platform, contrasting it against the failing economic devastation of Joe Biden’s regime.

In 2022, Trump also took credit for exposing the “Deep State” of corruption in government. Per RSBN, Trump wrote, “It was during the Trump Administration that the ‘Deep State’ corruption, and pure hatred of our Country, was fully EXPOSED – No longer just a nasty myth, concept or idea.”

Trump’s claim about exposing government corruption is one that is supported by many Americans who have seen the ugly face of political weaponization over the past few years. Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn recently touched on the “deep federal security state” in an op-ed written for the Western Journal, heralding a new age of accountability that could potentially come at the hands of the GOP-controlled House of Representatives.

“Time for accountability, but this time if they won’t comply then disband those agencies that feed the corruption of the deep federal security state,” Flynn wrote.

In August 2022, the FBI raided President Trump’s personal residence at Mar-a-Lago in Florida, drawing attention to the political weaponization of federal agencies. Along with the shocking revelations of multiple “Twitter Files” that exposed dirty collusion between Big Tech and Big Government, it seems as if every level of politics has been tainted with corruption.

“The ‘Twitter Files’ prove that we urgently need my plan to dismantle the illegal censorship regime — a regime like nobody’s ever seen in the history of our country or most other countries for that matter,” Trump stated in a recent policy platform video.

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