Trump Jr.’s news aggregation app hits No. 1 in the Apple app store

by Timothy Frudd

Donald Trump Jr.’s brand new news app, MxM News hit number one on Apple’s app store in the first 24 hours of its launch on Wednesday.

Fox News reports that MxM News was founded by Trump Jr. and Taylor Budowich to offer an alternative form of aggregate news content for readers to use instead of biased apps like Apple News and Google News.

“The project began about a year ago,” Trump explained on Fox News. He stated, “We saw what was going on in the world, and we wanted to make sure that there was an outlet that allowed people to see news that is out there, that does exist.

Trump said the goal of MxM News is to allow people to, “Actually see what’s happening in the real world, not just the, sort of, biased side of the story.”

After watching the Fake News media censor news and only offer news from a liberal perspective, Trump said, “We had this problem, and we had been complaining about it for so long, so we said, let’s just go solve it.”

Concerning how MxM News will choose which stories to feature, Trump explained, “We didn’t think it was possible to create some AI to do this – we have a team people pulling articles and doing the hard work.”

Trump told Fox News that while the process of featuring news stories will be “manual,” it will allow readers to have access to stories “that you wouldn’t be getting otherwise.”

Trump said MxM News was created to “counter” media bias and Big Tech’s attempt to censor anything that defies the liberal agenda. He said, “It is a simple way for people to see a variety of things, of what is going on, so that they can actually formulate their own opinion, and not just be spoon-fed a narrative from a one-sided, biased platform.”

By launching this brand new app, Trump is allowing Americans access to news sources that would not normally be available from apps like Apple News and Google News. Americans have already shown significant support of MxM news by quickly propelling it to the top spot on Apple’s app store.

As Americans eagerly wait for President Donald Trump’s Truth Social to be fully functional, MxM News will offer Americans an alternative source of information without the liberal bias of the corrupt media.

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