Trump: MAGA movement ‘even STRONGER than it was in 2016’

by Laura Ramirez

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump reflected on his “Make America Great Again” movement in an exclusive interview with Breitbart, saying it is “even stronger” now than it was in 2016.

“I think, in terms of movement—you can use that word if you want—but I think it’s even stronger than it was in 2016,” President Trump told the outlet. “People saw what we can do.”

President Trump continued, asserting that the movement is “bigger now than it was then” as the Trump administration “did things nobody thought could be done, including cutting taxes at the highest level, cutting regulations at a level that gave us the most jobs we ever had.”

President Trump pointed out that Indiana was “a big beneficiary” after being “taken advantage of by foreign countries taking jobs away” and becoming nothing short of a “boomtown.”

Breitbart notes that Indiana is a memorable state to President Trump’s legacy because it is where Trump’s domination of the Republican Party was solidified after defeating presidential candidates Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and then-Ohio Gov. John Kasich in the final primary before officially winning the Republican nomination months later.

President Donald Trump criticized the Biden administration’s poor policies on immigration, the economy, foreign policy, and the radical green agenda in the interview, stating, “All-electric cars, no gas stoves, water faucets where water doesn’t come out? How about the water faucets where water doesn’t come out?”

Joe Biden recently announced his intention to run for reelection, to which President Trump responded by claiming it was “almost inconceivable that Biden would even think of running for reelection” and called him “the most corrupt president in American history,” RSBN reported.

Moreover, President Trump published a video on Truth Social jeering Biden as the economy continues to toil and gas prices surge. “How stupid are our leaders?” Trump asked.

Explaining why the movement is stronger than ever, President Trump asserted that Americans “want their country back.”

In the interview, President Trump said:

“They want their country back. Their country has been taken away from them. On top of it, whenever something happens, they get accused of the worst things. All they want is common sense. You know what it’s about? We can all say we’re conservative or this or that, but it’s really about common sense. We need borders. We need good schools. We want low prices. We don’t want inflation. We want a strong military. We want no regulations or as little as possible. You know, it’s common sense—most of it. They want that back.”

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