Trump says the Bible blows away his newest release, ‘Letters to Trump’

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump took a few moments to talk to the evangelical community this week during a sit-down interview with Pastor Gene Bailey on the Victory Channel, speaking about his experience growing up in a seemingly forgotten world where church and Sunday school were prioritized in American culture.

He reflected on his upbringing, sharing, “I went to Sunday school, which was good – which was expected. It was like, everybody goes to Sunday school. When you think about it, the world is so different. Now, Sunday school is not probably on everybody’s key list. But I remember in those days it was something that was very important.”

Trump’s appearance on Flash Point with Pastor Gene Bailey was primarily aimed at promoting his new bestselling book, “Letters to Trump,” which features 150 private letters addressed to the president over the past four decades or so.

“[It’s] the greatest book,” Trump added, referring to the Bible. “That blows this book [Letters to Trump] away, I have to be honest with you.”

RSBN’s Brian Glenn had an exclusive chat with President Trump about “Letters to Trump.”

The president also said that the atmosphere of the church and Judeo-Christian values in his early life has “made it easier for me to do what I’m doing now” as he forges ahead toward 2024.

As previously reported by RSBN, President Trump strongly advocated for the Judeo-Christian values upheld by many Americans today when he was in the White House.

This was strongly illustrated by his move to appoint three conservative Supreme Court justices during his first term. Those justices played an integral role in overturning Roe v. Wade in 2022 – widely considered a victory for conservative Christians everywhere.

Trump’s book, “Letters to Trump,” jumped to number one on the Amazon bestseller list upon its release, indicating the enthusiasm supporters have had for reading the colorful collection of letters and notes from world leaders, celebrities, and noted figures throughout the last century.

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