Trump slams ‘DeSanctus’ on Medicare, Social Security: ‘HE IS A WHEELCHAIR OVER THE CLIFF KIND OF GUY’

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump spotlighted his incredible poll numbers in a recent Truth Social statement, highlighting the difference between his America First platform and the globalist agenda of some of his purported detractors.

In his statement, Trump specifically addressed his potential GOP rival for the Republican primary nomination in 2024, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. Although DeSantis has not yet officially declared a presidential candidacy, he seems to be positioning himself for a 2024 bid.

Trump wrote, “Great Poll numbers are springing forth for your favorite President, me, against Ron DeSanctus (& Biden). I guess people are finding out that he wanted to CUT SOCIAL SECURITY & RAISE THE MINIMUM AGE TO AT LEAST 70, at least 4 times.”

DeSantis has been heralded as a conservative hero in the great state of Florida, but President Trump has previously cautioned his supporters to pay attention to DeSantis’s Republican donors and past congressional voting record.

Trump continued, “LIKEWISE WITH MEDICARE, [DeSantis] WANTED BIG CUTS. HE IS A WHEELCHAIR OVER THE CLIFF KIND OF GUY, JUST LIKE HIS HERO, failed politician Paul Ryan, the FoxNews ratings destroyer who led Mitt Romney’s Presidential Campaign down the tubes.”

According to Business Insider, DeSantis did indeed support dramatically cutting Medicare and Social Security as a candidate running for Congress, backing then-Rep. Paul Ryan’s (R) proposed rework of the two programs, which would have pushed the retirement age to 70 for both Social Security and Medicare, for example.

Trump had harsh words for DeSantis and Ryan in his statement, concluding that they were, “GLOBALIST’S ALL! WE WANT AMERICA FIRST!!!”

Trump previously ripped DeSantis for the Florida governor’s current book tour promoting his new publication, “The Courage to be Free,” which some see as a pre-presidential publicity run.

He slammed the governor’s recent event promoting the book on Staten Island, New York: “Big buildup, lots of money spent, yet only 139 people showed up for DeSantis in Staten Island. FoxNews is disappointed that his Polls are crashing. Paul Ryan very unhappy. He’s a RINO in disguise, that’s why! This is 2016 all over again.”

A new poll from Emerson College, conducted between Feb. 24-25 among Republican primary voters found that Trump had 55 percent of support compared to DeSantis’s 25 percent.

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