Trump SPAC soars over 1,000% since Trump Media deal debut

by Gary Smith

President Trump’s brand new media and technology firm announcement shocked the markets this week as share prices skyrocketed with unprecedented gains.

The merger between Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG) and Digital World Acquisition Corporation (DWAC) which debuted on Wednesday caused DWAC’s market value to rally on Friday as much as 1,000 percent of its starting price.

Following the Wednesday night announcement, DWAC opened Thursday at $12.73 per share and reached a high of $58 before closing at $45.50. On Friday, the stock reached as high as $166.64 before closing at $94.20.

The passionate interest in the publicly traded merger partner has left many of President Trump’s enemies in awe, and analysts spinning, as the stock price increase saw unexpected gains. This could be seen as a confirmation of a recent Quinnipiac poll from October, which reported that 78 percent of Republicans want the 45th president to run again in 2024.

And as President Trump arduously works to launch his own social media platform by spring 2022, he is uniquely positioned to dominate the next presidential primary through open and equal access to his millions of supporters through digital messaging, delivered directly to their smart phones.

TMTG has already announced plans to arm the President with that very weapon, TRUTH Social, a direct alternative to the tech tyrants at Twitter and Facebook.

President Trump has promised that TMTG will give a “voice to all” and be a flamethrower to “woke” entertainment through Trump-approved content distribution on his own streaming service, TMTG+.

It seems it is not just President Trump’s stock price and approval numbers which are soaring to the moon, but the whole conservative movement along with it, as a credible champion of freedom online has finally emerged to win the war on censorship.

At this rate DWAC may become the new investment minting online millionaires, while also putting the Orwellian tech tyrants at Google, Facebook, and Twitter out of business.

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