Trump strengthens his lead with 50 endorsements from West Virginia

by Jason Collins

Photo: Alamy

President Trump’s 2024 campaign gained a massive win on Tuesday with 50 new endorsements in West Virginia.

As time inches closer to the 2024 elections, the race for endorsements is certainly heating up. President Trump earned himself 50 new endorsements from the West Virginia state legislature organized by Delegate Josh Holstein from Boone County.

The endorsement comes in the form of a letter that was signed by 50 members of the House of Delegates. This number was made up of 40 West Virginia delegates and ten senators. Trump is expecting more members to sign later in the year as elections draw closer.

The letter read:

“As President, Donald J. Trump fought for conservative Republican principles and delivered responsible America First policies that greatly benefited West Virginia, our nation, and the world.”

“President Trump exhibited strength and determination within his service to our country, as he bravely countered unwarranted attacks, never wavering from his commitment to the American people.”

Historically, from 2016 onwards, President Trump has always been the popular choice, and this letter just illustrates that.

To put it into perspective, there are 100 members currently serving in the West Virginia House of Delegates and 34 members in the West Virginia Senate. Of those members, there are 89 Republican delegates and 31 Republican senators.

When asked about the success of the endorsements, Delegate Holstein said, “It’s really not been that big of a lift in West Virginia. The President is extremely popular. He’s absolutely considered to be the leader of the party in West Virginia, and many of us are happy to jump on early and support [him] on behalf of our constituents.”

These 50 endorsements from West Virginia have strengthened President Trump, granting him incredible momentum as he continues to lead the polls.

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