Trump urges ballot harvesting where it’s legal to ‘beat the Radical Left Democrats at their own game!’

by Laura Ramirez

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump is ready to “beat the Radical Left Democrats at their own game,” announcing that his campaign will start to legally harvest ballots in the states “where the left is cheating the system.”

In a video posted on Truth Social Wednesday, President Trump said: “The radical left Democrats have used ballot harvesting to cancel out your vote and walk away with elections that they never should have won. They cheat and they cheat like nobody has ever cheated before.”

He continued, “Many states have banned ballot harvesting to keep our elections honest and fair. But in the states where ballot harvesting is still legal, we have no choice but to beat the Democrats at their own game. It’s very simple. Either we start ballot harvesting or you can say goodbye to our country.”

Announcing his plan to legally start harvesting ballots, Trump continued by saying: “[O]ur campaign will fight back and start harvesting ballots in the states where the leftist been cheating the system, and hurting our country.”

Laws regarding ballot harvesting, a process where third parties collect mail-in ballots and drop them off at the behest of voters, differ from state to state.

Unlike illegal ballot harvesting that occurred during the 2020 election, President Trump affirms that the ballots harvested will come from “legal, registered voters who are American citizens.”

As per RSBN, President Trump sent out an email last month announcing the ballot harvesting fund. He wrote, “I’m doing something HUGE to fight back. Our presidential campaign will launch our own BALLOT HARVESTING FUND in the states where the Left has been cheating the system.”

In another Truth Social post this week, President Trump warned that Democrats would use “their Prosecutors to try and steal another Presidential Election,” per RSBN.

“The only candidate they don’t want to run against is ‘TRUMP,’ me, despite their DISINFORMATION campaign to the contrary,” Trump said, adding that he ‘beat them twice” and “did MUCH BETTER the second time.”

He continued: ‘Will be a lot tougher for them to Cheat and Rigg the Election, and that’s why they are using their City, State, and Federal Prosecutors. Republicans in Congress are watching closely. DOJ SHOULD STOP!”

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