Trump warns America will end up ‘a communist nation’ if conservatives don’t have a voice

by Meredith Minto

President Trump joined Spicer & Co. on Wednesday morning to discuss Rep. Devin Nunes R-Calif., stepping down from Congress to join President Trump’s media and technology group as CEO.

“It’s a continuation of witch hunts, anything you do they want to look at it,” he said, blasting Democrats and the media. “They don’t look at themselves, they don’t look at Hunter, they don’t look at anybody, all they do is look at Republicans.”

“If our side doesn’t have a voice, eventually you’re going to end up with pure communism,” Trump warned. “It’s a disgrace what’s going on.”

“You’re going to end up with a communist nation,” the 45th president continued. “We just put out the release on Devin, we are very proud of that, we’re proud of him – and I think it’s got a chance to be a very important day.”

Rep. Devin Nunes announced that he would be stepping down from his seat in Congress to become the CEO of Trump’s Media and Technology Group (TMTG), an umbrella company for a variety of future tech ventures that will challenge Big Tech. Under TMTG, Truth Social, a free speech social media platform, will be released in the coming months.

Nunes, known for his close association with President Trump, was in danger of losing his normally safe GOP seat, due to redistricting efforts in California. California ended up losing a seat in Congress this year, making Nunes’s seat more favorable to the Democrat Party.

In January, President Trump awarded Nunes with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. According to The Hill, The Trump White House said that Nunes “had the fortitude to take on the media, the FBI, the Intelligence Community, the Democrat Party, foreign spies, and the full power of the Deep State.”

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