Trump’s net worth jumped $600 million after leaving office, now totals $3 billion

by Timothy Frudd

Photo: Alamy

According to a Forbes estimate released this week, President Donald Trump’s net worth has increased by $600 million over the past year.

Since leaving office last year, the 45th president has seen his net worth increase from $2.4 billion to $3 billion. Forbes estimates that $430 million of that increase results from Trump’s brand new social media platform Truth Social.

Despite reports by the Fake News media, Truth Social has been wildly popular with the American people. In fact, in early March, over a million people were waitlisted on the app.

Forbes estimates that Trump holds about 50 percent of the shares in his company which he plans to vastly expand in the coming years.

A merger between Trump media and a SPAC has given investors added confidence in the 45th president’s venture into social media. The report by Forbes explained, “Trump Media plans to merge with a SPAC that retail traders are buying like crazy, boosting its shares from $10 to more than $50.”

While the left attempted to smear Trump as a selfish businessman throughout his 2016 campaign and first term in office, the 45th president left office with less money than when he entered the White House.

Forbes estimates that Trump left the White House with $1 billion less than he had at the start of his presidency. As Trump often explained on the campaign trail, he could have continued living an easy life, but he chose to serve the American people because the country needed him.

Now, as Trump develops a social media platform to defend the free speech of millions of Americans, his net worth is once again rising. These numbers could continue to increase as Truth Social expands, especially when it becomes available to all Americans.

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