Vivek Ramaswamy details how he will ‘SHUT DOWN THE FBI’ hours after tying with DeSantis in a new poll

by Jessica Marie Baumgartner

Photo: Alamy

Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy held a town hall meeting in New Hampshire Thursday night and explained the details of his plan to “shut down the FBI.”

According to Red State, Ramaswamy has tied with Presidential candidate Florida Gov. Ron Desantis in a recent Kaplan Strategies poll on the 2024 GOP primary. 

Ramaswamy’s growing popularity led him to touch on various issues during the town hall. He pointed out that the Republican Party needs to stop decrying the left and focus on moving Americans in a different direction. In addition, he acknowledged the need to take action and “move from the what to the how.”

His plans to “shut down the federal administrative state,” were addressed, and discussed how he would shut down the FBI if elected. 

Multiple America First leaders have stated that the FBI needs to be defunded, punished, or even shut down. In April, RSBN reported that President Trump called to defund the FBI. In May, Matt Gaetz also stated that this should be done, per RSBN.

Ramaswamy called the FBI’s existence “A 35,000-person-strong investigative bureaucracy.” 

He also noted that their organization is “a formula for corruption.” 

Ramaswamy described that “mission creep” and FBI focus changed and accelerated after 9/11. 

He also noted how this led to the “political weaponization” of the organization and how it has grown to 35,000 agents, only 15,000 of which do the most active work.  

The candidate then promised he would “eliminate the FBI” by the end of 2025. 

He plans to “move to the U.S. Marshalls, to the DEA, to a series of enforcement agencies that have not been politicized in the same way as the FBI, a subset of the 15,000 employees that are actually conducting real work and the remaining 20,000 will have an opportunity to search for honest work in the private sector.”

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