45 to arrive on Trump Force One next week in South Carolina

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Trump is set to arrive in style aboard Trump Force One in the Palmetto State next week, where he is traveling to speak at a South Carolina Republican event.

According to the Trump campaign, the president will arrive in South Carolina on Saturday, Aug. 5, at 7:00 p.m. ET at Eagle Aviation at Columbia Metropolitan Airport.

He is scheduled to deliver remarks at the South Carolina Republican Party’s Silver Elephant Dinner later in the evening.

On July 1, President Trump held a massive MAGA rally in Pickens, South Carolina, where tens of thousands of supporters celebrated Independence Day.

President Trump also arrived in Pickens aboard Trump Force One. A slate of America First speakers preceded his remarks.

In South Carolina, President Trump is handily dominating GOP primary presidential polling ahead of next year’s heated election. According to early state polling data averages from Race to the WH, Trump is currently leading South Carolina by nearly 30 points, with 45 percent of Republican primary support.

Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., is trailing at 15.3 percent. Nikki Haley, who previously served as South Carolina’s Republican governor, has netted 12.4 percent in her home state. Senator Tim Scott, R-S.C., additionally garnered 10 percent of support.

A Fox News poll conducted in July also illustrated Trump’s strong lead in South Carolina, where he was up by 34 points over the second-place candidate. In Fox’s poll, Nikki Haley won 14 percent of support, and DeSantis came in a close third at 13 percent of support.

Via Morning Consult, President Trump is also the frontrunner nationwide, where he is up by an impressive 43 points over DeSantis among GOP primary voters.

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