Boebert blasts Biden for forgetting 13 troops killed in Afghanistan

by Timothy Frudd

Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., blasted Joe Biden after he failed to mention the 13 U.S. military members killed in Afghanistan during his State of the Union Speech on Tuesday.

Biden’s speech, which has been called “a slap in the face” to the American people, notably ignored an opportunity to honor the heroic troops who lost their lives in Afghanistan last year.

Boebert stated Thursday, “13 brave and heroic members of our military died during Biden’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal. They deserved to be recognized during the State of the Union speech, so I made sure to speak up.”

During Biden’s State of the Union speech, he briefly mentioned America’s military. After Biden discussed the dangerous situations U.S. troops faced in Iraq and Afghanistan, he said, “When they come home, many of the world’s fittest and best-trained warriors in the world — never the same. Headaches, numbness, dizziness-a cancer that would put them in a flag-draped coffin. I know —”

After Biden mentioned a flag-draped coffin, Rep. Boebert interjected, “You put them in, 13 of them.” Boebert’s bold interjection drew immediate shock and audible gasping from lawmakers.

Reps. Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene were criticized for interjecting comments during Biden’s national address. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi condemned their actions in a press conference, saying, “I think they should just shut up.”

Following the State of the Union address, Boebert explained the reason for her interjection: “When Biden said ‘flag-draped coffins,’ I couldn’t stay silent. I told him directly he did it. He put 13 in there. Our heroic servicemen and women deserve so much better.”

While Democrats have been quick to criticize Boebert for speaking out against Biden during the State of the Union, other Americans have applauded her boldness and honesty.

Boebert tweeted Wednesday, “I just got word from a mutual friend that the mother of one of the 13 reached out and said she ‘really appreciated you speaking out.’ Pelosi and Whoopi can attack me every day for the rest of the year – it’s worth the heat to give them honor.”

While Democrats attempt to shift the focus off Biden’s failure to honor the deaths of U.S. service members and criticize Boebert for interrupting Biden’s speech, Americans can applaud the boldness of a congresswoman standing up for her country.

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