FBI reportedly worked with social media companies in 2020 to censor ‘disinformation,’ agent testifies

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt revealed on Friday the findings of a deposition of FBI Supervisory Special Agent Elvis Chan this week, stating on Twitter that “the FBI plays a big role in working with social media companies to censor speech – from weekly meetings with social media companies ahead of the 2020 election to asks for account takedowns.”

According to Fox News, Chan testified to Republican attorneys general that Silicon Valley tech power players met weekly with the FBI to discuss “disinformation” and censorship heading into the 2020 presidential election.

Per Schmitt, “Chan, the FBI’s FTIF, and senior CISA officials had meetings with social media companies in the lead-up to the 2020 election, in which Chan personally told the social media companies that there could potentially be a Russian ‘hack and leak’ operation shortly before the election.”

Via Fox News’ report, Chan also testified that the FBI allegedly gives social media companies lists of internet URLs and accounts that should be censored or removed due to being “disinformation.”

Schmitt continued on Twitter:

“Chan stated that the FBI regularly sent social media companies lists of URLs and social media accounts that should be taken down because they were disinformation from “malign foreign influence operations.” The FBI then inquired whether the platforms have taken down the content…On many occasions, the platforms took down the accounts flagged by the FBI.”

Chan’s testimony likely comes as no surprise to many social media users, where censorship and suspension has run rampant for the past two years on platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Elon Musk, the new owner and CEO of Twitter, confirmed this week that Twitter had failed to provide a free platform in the past.

“…The obvious reality, as long-time users know, is that Twitter has failed in trust & safety for a very long time and has interfered in elections,” he stated in a tweet.

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