As Cochise County cracks under pressure, Kari Lake stands her ground: ‘The fight just started’

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

Cochise County, Arizona, has bent the knee to legal pressure and certified their 2022 midterm election results on Thursday, ending the midterm elections certification battle.

According to a report from Just the News, the Cochise County Board of Supervisors voted 2-0 to certify the election on Thursday in compliance with a court order demanding their vote by 5:00 p.m.

Despite widespread reports of voter disenfranchisement and ballot problems in the state of Arizona, every county has now certified their election results, leaving many proponents of election integrity wondering what will happen next.

Kari Lake, the GOP nominee for governor in the Grand Canyon State, tweeted on Friday following Cochise County’s certification that, “We’re right over the target. The fight just started.”

Lake has not conceded in the election, despite mainstream media pressure to do so.

In an interview with Joe Pags this week, Lake added, “God did not put us in this fight because we are weak. We’re living in difficult times and he put just the right people here for this moment.”

Lake has indicated that she is gearing up to file a big lawsuit related to the election problems experienced in the state, per RSBN. The specifics of what the lawsuit will address are not yet clear.

Preceding Cochise County’s vote to certify the election, they were hit with a lawsuit from Democrat gubernatorial nominee Katie Hobbs, who is also the acting Arizona secretary of state. Per Fox News, the lawsuit was 53 pages long and demanded that the board vote to certify the election, pointing to the Nov. 28 statutory deadline on approving the canvass of the results of the 2022 midterm elections.

Hobbs’ office additionally threatened a previous holdout on certification, Mohave County, with jail time if they didn’t certify the results, per The Daily Caller.

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