HUGE crowds gather to watch Trump, O’Reilly History Tour stop in Florida

by Gary Smith

Dusting off their red hats and their Make America Great Again signs, thousands of President Trump’s supporters paid to see our beloved leader at a speech on Saturday alongside veteran conservative host Bill O’Reilly in Sunrise, Fla.

The event, held in the FLA Live Arena in the suburbs of Fort Lauderdale, was the first stop of four special speeches being held by the duo as part of their four-city “Unite For History” tour, which will also take the president to Dallas, Houston, and Orlando.

The crowd was so big, it took more than 40 seconds to pan to the back of the line as thousands of Trump supporters sacrificed their sunny Saturday afternoons to queue up to enter the MAGA event.

President Trump said in June that these History Tour speeches would be “hard-hitting sessions” where he talks about the real problems happening in the United States.

The President’s on-stage speech, styled as a 1-on-1 interview, spanned a series of topics, and most importantly, the on going pandemic, and the role the Communist Chinese Party played through the bioweapons lab in Wuhan.

“I think they have to pay a price for the damage they caused to the world,” President Trump said on the stage. “We talk about reparations, they should pay reparations for the damage they have done.”

Regarding the protests on Jan. 6, which have led to hundreds of patriots being arrested and tens of thousands being visited by the FBI, Trump said, “Nov 3rd was the insurrection, Jan 6th was a protest.

Surprisingly, the 45th president had a compliment for Barack Hussein Obama, saying he was “sharp and smart,” and he also commented that most of the globalist-minded leaders he had to work with were so terrible that he actually got along best with the “tyrants.”

“I got along best with were tyrants,” he said in a video posted on Bill O’Reilly’s website. “For whatever reason, I got along great with them.”

Many in the establishment media attempted to paint the event as a flop, but video confirms that the attendance was high, clearly in the thousands.

In a statement following the event, President Trump said “we had a great time,” and he found it to be “very exciting, informative, and fun.”

President Trump also promised that he would be back in the area in the “not too distant future” for a major rally.

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