Kari Lake LEADS Katie Hobbs in Arizona gubernatorial race, new poll shows

by Laura Ramirez

Photo: Alamy

Kari Lake, Arizona’s Trump-endorsed gubernatorial candidate, is leading her Democrat rival, Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, just weeks before the midterm elections.

A recent FOX 10 and InsiderAdvantage poll of 550 registered voters indicated Lake is leading Hobbs by roughly four points, with Lake polling at 49.3 percent and Hobbs trailing behind at 45.6 percent.

Based on the poll, Lake appears to have a strong lead among voters in the 18 to 39 age block, beating Hobbs by 11 points in that age group. Lake also leads among independent voters, with four percent of voters still undecided.

As the race for governor becomes fiercely competitive, Project Veritas Action recently released undercover footage of Hobbs’ campaign staffers struggling to provide a reason why the secretary of state won’t debate Lake, RSBN reported.

Jasper Adams, a field organizer for Mission for Arizona, sat down with an undercover Project Veritas Action journalist, sharing that Hobbs’ campaign workers “have a lot of concerns about Katie’s campaign” over “lots of stuff.” Adams also mentioned that her communications director failed to provide an answer to the public or internal campaign staff on why Hobbs refused to debate Lake.

While the secretary of state refuses to take the debate stage, Lake vowed not to “hide from the voters” and launched her “Ask Me Anything” tour to connect with the people of Arizona statewide, per RSBN.

“I’m not going to hide from the voters,” Lake said. “I’m not going to shy away from the tough questions,” she added, pointing at Hobbs’ lack of transparency.

“My opponent Katie Hobbs’ strategy is to hide from me, hide from the media, and hide from you, the voter,” Lake continued, announcing her tour.

Moreover, President Donald Trump spoke highly of Lake during his Mesa rally earlier this month, saying, “Arizona could not ask for a governor with more energy, passion, toughness, brilliance, and determination to secure your borders…”

“When Kari wins this November, the media’s heads will absolutely explode. That will be interesting to watch,” Trump added jokingly.

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