Most black voters support GOP-led election integrity efforts, despite Left’s cries of racism

by Benjamin Horvath

A majority of black voters support Republican-led efforts to tighten election security, according to a recent nationwide poll conducted by Rasmussen, including 2020 election audits, scaled back mail-in voting, and photo ID requirements to cast a ballot.

Overall, 53 percent of black voters surveyed support 2020 election audit efforts in decisive swing states Joe Biden allegedly defeated President Donald Trump in razor-thin margins. This number is roughly equal to the share of overall voters who support election audits which is 55 percent.

Similarly, 63 percent of black respondents believe opponents of photo ID requirements would like to make election fraud easier, which is slightly above the 60 percent of overall voters who believed similarly.

An even higher percentage of black voters support the requirement to show a photo ID to cast a ballot, 73 percent, which is just two percentage points below the overall 75 percent of respondents who support this measure.

Mail-in ballots, which were the source of fraud allegations in the 2020 election, polled very unfavorably in the Rasmussen poll. 66 percent of voters, across the political spectrum, agreed expanded use of the system would lead to more cheating in elections.

Despite fierce Democrat opposition in states like Texas and Georgia, which have enacted election integrity legislation following the controversial 2020 election, 90 percent of all voters believe it is important to prevent cheating in elections, which polls roughly commensurate with the 87 percent of black voters who share this view.

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