‘Sound of Freedom’ star declares ‘God’s children are no longer for sale’

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

Actor Jim Caviezel heralded the smashing success of the independent film, “Sound of Freedom,” which has eclipsed Disney’s newest Indiana Jones installment in terms of box office performance.

Caviezel told Fox News, “We are not Disney’s film – we are the people’s film. Can we love our children? Can we love God’s children here more than we fear evil? … God’s children are no longer for sale.”

The film, which focuses on telling the story of Operation Underground Railroad founder Tim Ballard and a real-life human trafficking rescue operation, has surpassed all expectations as it soared to the number one spot nationwide on Independence Day, edging out Harrison Ford’s newest Indiana Jones movie, according to Fox News.

“This isn’t about them [Disney], it’s not about Angel Studios putting it out,” Caviezel said. “It’s about the children. And Americans waking up right now, and the only way these laws are going to get changed is if the people move right now to SAVE THEM.”

He added, “It is a controversial issue – it shouldn’t be. We should just be naturally wanting to save our children.”

According to Fox, the movie raked in more than $14 million on Independence Day alone, compared to Indiana Jones’ $11 million. “Sound of Freedom” additionally played in only half the number of theaters that Disney’s film did.

During his interview on Fox News, they reported that “Sound of Freedom” played in 2,600 theaters, while Indiana Jones played in 4,600. Even then, the independent film soared to victory at the box office.

Just one day before the “Sound of Freedom” raked in a massive Independence Day haul, RSBN reported that the film had accrued $10 million in pre-sales on Monday, indicating widespread enthusiasm and support for the film’s message.

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